Baked lamb shoulder

Delight yourself with this exquisite baked shoulder recipe with the best extra virgin olive oil in the world.



1/2 shoulder of lamb


Pepper, bay leaf and thyme

Extra olive oil Eva Olive Oils

For the garnish:


Red pepper

Green pepper





Make a mash of garlic, pepper, bay leaf, thyme, wine and olive oil in the mortar. First we add the garlic, pepper, bay leaf and thyme and mash them well, and then emulsify with the wine and oil.

Then on a baking sheet, we daub the shoulders with the mashed.

We put in the oven over medium heat (180 ºC) for two hours -when the meat separates from the bone-. During the first hour, we will have the shoulder blades with the inside facing down, and the second hour we will turn it around so that it is well browned on the outside.



At no time should the plate be without water, if it happens we will add a little water to the bottom.


For the garnish, we can put some potatoes in the oven in the second hour of cooking.