Potato salad with mustard

Do not miss this summer salad with a vinaigrette based on Organic Eva Olive Oil and a touch of mustard.

The temperature rises and you want a refreshing cold salad based on rich vegetables watered in the rich extra virgin olive oil Eva Olive Oils.

In this case, the modest potato is the queen of the dish. At its cooking point and seasoned with our rich oil in vinaigrette to make it creamy. This is the secret! And the special touch this time will be provided by the mustard with its unmistakable flavor and its important nutritional properties.



For 4 people

1 kg new small potato

40 ml extra virgin olive oil

30 ml sherry vinegar

20 ml Dijon mustard

1 red onion

Fresh herbs to taste (a good bunch)

Ground black pepper


Lemon zest (optional)



First we prepare the potatoes.

Wash and drain the potatoes. Put in a large saucepan covered with plenty of salt water, bring to a boil and cook at medium gas until they are just cooked, not overcooked. It will be about 15-25 minutes, depending on the size.

Drain and let cool.

Next, prepare the dressing.

In a jar put the oil, vinegar, mustard, ground pepper and salt. Shake very well to emulsify the mixture.

Chop the aromatic herbs. Use the ones you prefer. The typical ones in Spain are parsley, dill, thyme, chives, oregano, thyme ...

Cut the peeled onion into a thin julienne.

When the potatoes no longer burn, but are still hot, cut them in half and arrange in a bowl.

Add the vinaigrette, onion, and herbs. And a little lemon zest, if you like. Stir gently.

Serve the salad still a little warm or cold from the fridge.


It can be taken without further ado in a simple dinner. But you can provide protein by adding some fish or meat.

If we want it to be a meal, just add hard-boiled egg or a can of tuna.