Salmorejo is a delicious cold cream especially suitable for hot spring and summer days. It is a traditional recipe from Córdoba, Andalusia, in southern Spain.

Salmorejo is very simple to make. It is prepared "mashing" the ingredients: patiently crushing the tomato, garlic and bread in the mortar. But it can also be done with a mixer or a food processor. 



1 kg of tomatoes.

200 g of bread from the day before.

150 ml of extra virgin olive oil Eva Olive Oil Selección.

1 clove garlic.

Salt to taste.



Wash the tomatoes. Remove the green part of the peduncle. Grind them with skin and everything and pass them through the Chinese.

Put the bread in a bowl, cover it with the tomato puree and let it rest for ten minutes. Add the garlic clove and mash again. So you get a thick cream of bread and tomato.

Then add the Eva Olive Oil Seleción extra virgin olive oil little by little while beating. In this way you get the oil to emulsify and you get an incredible result: thick and creamy.



The salmorejo dish is finished with pieces of hard-boiled egg, ham slices and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

It is served cold. It is an ideal aperitif and also a very good first course.

Get to work and you will see how easy and delicious this dish is.

Although it is a typical elaboration of Cordovan gastronomy, it is widespread throughout Andalusia and also throughout the rest of Spain.