The process from olive to olive oil is both complex but simple, and we know every step of cultivation to provide you access to premium products with the highest health benefits.  

The olives are harvested at their optimum ripening point and taken to the olive oil mill. Upon arriving at the processing plant, the olives are subjected to a cleaning process consisting of a wash with clean water. Branches and leaves are removed, prepping the fruit to be crushed for oil extraction.

After crushing the mass of olives is subjected to a shake, separating the fruit from the oil. Liquid gold begins to rise to the top, and at this stage is already edible but a decanter finishes the job.

The decanter is a centrifuge which separates olive oil from the rest of the olive components: vegetable water, the bone from the olive and alperujo (the remaining by-products). Nothing added, no further treatment necessary... olive oil is ready to be packaged and delivered to your home for simple, powerful health from the tiny, complex olive.