Eva Collection Nature Premium Combination 3 x 500ml, Arbequina, Pajarera, Picual.

Eva Collection Nature Premium Combination 3 x 500ml, Arbequina, Pajarera, Picual.

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Arbequina olive oils , Pajarero olive oils, Picual olive oils,


Characteristics and properties of Arbequina Olive Oils:

The main feature of the arbequina olive oil is that it is a sweet oil, i.e. it does not have any bitter aftertaste. Some Arbequina Olive Oils may sting in throat, stating simply that it is fresh.

Another characteristic of arbequina olive oil is that it tends to be quite aromatic, giving fruity aromas, like banana and apple. Mature arbequina olive oils tend to remind to the porridge of fruits for babies. This smell is due to the high percentage of polyunsaturated acids that often contain. As these acids are more volatile than the oleic acid (monounsaturated), arbequina olive oil has the disadvantage that it is less stable compared to other olive oil varieties.

Nevertheless, Arbequina olive oil, like the rest of the olive oils, has a high percentage of oleic acid, which helps to reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL) increasing the good one (HDL).

It should also be noted that Arbequina olive oil has slightly lower values of polyphenols than the rest of the varieties, so people who consume olive oil with the intention of improving their cardiovascular health should consume other varieties such as the picual or manzanilla.

PAJARERA EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILS Aromatic notes of fruity ripeness, with green notes of medium intensity; almond, banana and nuts are most noticeable in the nose. A balanced taste of sweet but slightly bitter, spicy in progression with a nutty finish. In nose, fruity green ripe with green notes of medium intensity. The fruit aromas of almond, ripe banana and nuts prevail. In mouth the entrance is sweet and pleasant, balanced slightly bitter and spicy in progress at the end and aftertaste of nuts.

500 mL bottle

Picual olive oil

Picual Olive Oil is the typical variety from Jaen; it is the most extended and possibly known in Spain.

It is cultivated mainly in the provinces of Jaen, Cordoba and Granada. Currently its cultivationexceeds  700,000 hectares.

The most accused feature of Picual Olive Oils compared to other varieties is its bitterness, and if the oil is green, its pungency or itching. It is also characteristic, in cases of early harvested Olive Oils, its herbaceous aromas, such as olive and grass leafs, fig, tomato.

It is a powerful olive oil that can be refused by people do not used to consuming olive oils, but with a small amount in a dish makes noticing his presence.

Another important feature in picual olive oil is its high content in oleic acid (monounsaturated) that can exceed the 80% of its lipid profile. This coupled with its low content of polyunsaturated acids makes picual olive oil one of the most stable in oxidation and rancidity.That is why Picual olive oil is the most suitable to be used in the kitchen to cook at high temperatures, since it maintains its properties in several cycles of fried foods.